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Mercredi 20 mars 2019 - 06:55  


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Interview with Gunne Steen
(Interview realized by Johan Forsberg and excerpt from AmigaRulez - September 2002)

Gunne Steen Today's interview is with Gunne Steen from the swedish retailler GGS-Data.

- Hi! Can you make a short introduction of yourself?

That´s not so easy :-) Is about 1.90 tall, middle blond. Like to meet different people and also think that I try to accept peoples differencies.

- When was the first time you saw an Amiga? What did you think about it then?

The first Amiga I bought was an A500 (with X-Memory), somewhere around 1987 it must have been. As I growned up in an age where computers not where common anticipated this was the first real contact I got with a computer. I immediately became fascinated of AmigaShell and of all these "demos" with music and visual effects that where floating around. I also did some smaller programming later. Little later I bought an A500+ with 2MB chipram + GVP 68030 accelerator + SCSI controller + memory expansion. Later upgraded this with FPU and 50MHZ 68030. I still have this computer.

- What made you start with the Amiga?

Because I always had a common interest in electronics, earlier did some smaller electronic constructions as a hobbie, I think it was quite natural I also was looking for a computer later. Because that the Amiga was much more common then for example the Atari, I think the choice also became quite natural. The PC with Windows was by this time mostly known for some office use, and Unix/Linux more specialized.

- Why are you using the Amiga today?

I feel the AmigaOS is a very good system, in front of everything just enough complicated, logical and reachable and also with the opportunity to become more "advanced", with for example multiuser support if you wish. The most software I need is available, even that I "de facto" of course also need Windows for being able to use all services on the web for example.

- Tell us some about your Amiga-dealing company GGS-Data. What made you start it?

GGS-Data is a private hold company, which I registered 1995. And by other interest I have always been interrested of saleswork. Before I started with GGS-Data I also had different saleswork combined with other professions. So I think also here the choice to gradually start up with this also became quite natural.

- Do you run it alone?

Yes. My son also helps me sometimes when he have freetime from schoolwork, etc.

- Do you have any other job besides your Amiga-dealing?

I also work halftime on Green Cargo, which is a question of safety.

- What's the status of the Amiga in Sweden today? Do you have many customers? Are you making profit or do you make just enough money to keep the business running?

Well, yes, as I see it, it is a quite big userbase here in Sweden. I also sometimes can see that new "curious" people that never have tried the Amiga and not know anything about it, would like to try it out.

GGS-Data is offering merit. Of course I since last autumn have seen a slowdown, but I also know that this is not specified only for the Amiga, but is a slowdown in the whole IT-sector. Now this summer I have had a lot to do, so I guess it is to see what is happening forward, and if it will follow the branch besides.

- What do you think will happen with the Amiga in the future?

Well, that´s very difficult to answer on, wonder why have to ask so difficult questions :-). Of course it depends on if new products still is to come out.

Of the new "platforms" AmigaOne, Pegasos (note : is not a product licensed by Amiga Inc.) and Amithlon, I think AmigaOne and Pegasos (both or either one of the two) is the two who has any potential to create or becoming an expanding market, because of that they are new computer systems. SharkPPC is of course also interresting, and will surely be a very good product as Elbox before has showed that they can make good products.

One thing that is sure is that I with GGS-Data will try to spend a lot of work in helping these products forward (both, or either one of them) as soon as they or one of them is to be released. You might be able to see the beginning of this already this autumn.

- What product which have been released in the last few years for the Amiga do you think is the best (hw/sw)?

There are a lot of good products.

But in hardware I of course would like to mention Phase 5 PPC card, which introduced the PowerPC processor for the Amiga. Elbox products is also overall good and with high quality and with the flagship Mediator. Individual Computers is also making a serie good products.

And I also would like to mention the Melody 1200 soundcard, which is the finest soundcard I ever seen. Repulse is also very good for an Amiga with Zorro slot.

In software I always have liked ImageFX. I would also like to mention VHI Studio which should become to it´s real potential if we got even more powerful CPU to the Amiga. AHI is good, Miami Deluxe for instance, yes there is a lot of good software for the Amiga.

- Do you have any favorite Amiga?

A4000 is the most powerful, so it should be the favourite then. But in the A1200, there are a lot of possibilities and accesories, so that the machine can take different shapes as to say. And it also has RF + composite connectors which the A4000 doesn´t have.

- How many Amigas do you own? What specs does the fastest one have? =)

I have several. One A2000 that acts as a gateway for the connection to internet. One A1200 that is my ordinary work computer, then an A3000, A4000 and an A500 (which is packed down at the moment). The fastest of this is the A4000 with CyberStormPPC/233-68060/50 + Mediator + Voodoo. For a while I was thinking of changing the A1200 to this instead, but instead I think I will use the A4000 to experiment and feel the taste of AmigaOS 4, when this is available.

- What other interests besides Amiga do you have?

Some fishing in the summertime and some weeks with skiing in wintertime. Then my house and to intercour with children, relatives and friends.

- And finally, do you have anything you want to say to our readers?

I would like to say thank you to all costumers GGS-Data have, and also thank you for all ideas and proposals I get. And I hope everybodys Amigas are working fine.

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