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David Brunet



Dossier : Les messages des développeurs destinés aux déplombeurs
(Article écrit par David Brunet - janvier 2008, mis à jour en février 2018)

A l'époque où les jeux sur Amiga foisonnaient, toutes les sorties commerciales étaient sous la cible des pirates (déplombeurs). Les sociétés et les développeurs tentèrent par tous les moyens d'arrêter ou de limiter les effets causés par les pirates. Il y avait bien sûr les protections logicielles mais nous allons voir dans cet article un autre moyen plus psychologique : les messages cachés dans le code du programme à l'intention d'un éventuel déplombeur. Les informations regroupées ici proviennent d'un fil de discussion du forum English Amiga Board. Notez que les messages ne sont pas réécrits, ils sont dans leur état d'origine, avec les fautes d'orthographe et de syntaxe qui vont avec.

Messages de base

Les messages pour les déplombeurs ont existé bien avant l'Amiga. Ainsi l'éditeur Electronic Arts insérait des messages dans le code source de ses programmes. Cela n'allait pas loin, on avait des choses comme "Don't break this game, write you own instead!".

Il y a plein d'exemples de messages simples dans les jeux Amiga tel que celui de Little Puff In Dragonland de Codemasters, dans lequel le message suivant a été trouvé :
"Project 66 - (C) 1990 Codemasters Ltd. - Programmed by Derek Leigh-Gilchrist. VERSION 1.12 - don't crack this! For more info read the text at the start of the protection..."
Mais les messages à l'intention des déplombeurs ont vite pris d'autres allures, dans différents styles, c'est ce que nous allons voir ci-dessous.

Messages de prévention ou de menace

Une bonne manière de dissuader un pirate de faire son travail fut de le menacer. Certains sont pathétiques comme de simples "Attention !" alors que d'autres promettent la prison ou des menaces de mort !

Barbarian 2
"This code is copyright. If it should appear in ANY program other than the Amiga version of Barbarian II, my lawyers will be informed.(C) Dave Chapman, 1989."
F1 Tornado
"If you can't crack this game then you are lamer than lame.. PIRACY IS THEFT... IF YOU COPY THIS GAME THEN REMEMBER - IF F.A.S.T. CATCH YOU THE MAXIMUM PENALTY IS SIX MONTHS IN PRISON... If you crack this game then there's plenty of space for an intro (from sectors 600+) so do something good!! Do you want to cheat??? Then here's some 'codes' to type in on the title screen .... type in everything between the asterisks, including punctuation... Cheat 1 - *I AM A SIX HEADED ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE*Cheat 2 - *EARWIGS ARE THE MASTER RACE*Cheat 3 - *QUEX, I LOVE YOU, AND I WILL BUY ALL OF YOUR GAMES - HONEST* there also is another but I'll leave it to you to find out.... Please leave in these codes instead of doing a trainer cos"
Full Contact
Jurassic Park
Larrie And The Robbery Of The Ardies
"Software cracking is illegal: What, to your opinion, could the Dutch government do to prevent it:
a) Hire lots of detectives to get the crackers!
b) Supply all users with free Software (like they do with Softdrugs)!
c) Forbid all Software imports
d) Better custom checks

write me your answers!
Steve Vanderhorst
Limes And Napoleon
"Hey Cracker !
I know this game is great and I know that you are fond of cracking it. But remember: If you are busted up by the police, you will have a lot of tears in your face. Don't forget: The system is everywhere!"
Miami Chase
"Project 66 (C) 1990 Codemasters software Ltd. Programmed & Organized by Derek Leigh-Gilchrist. Protection track (C) 1990 Rob Northern Computing LTD. If any hackers are reading this then keep reading... This protection has been developed by me (DEL/ANARCHY) I know that it is very easy to crack BUT WAIT! I don't want it cracked! I will lose money! So don't fuck me about by cracking it.... If I do see any cracks of CODEMASTERS games the pirate world is going to have a big suprise... You have been warned!"
Quik The Thunder Rabbit
"FIRST DISK of Quik the Thunder. All code (C) 1994 Vincent PENNE
I wonder what you are searching on the disk... Could you be a Pirate?
I can't believe it...
Anyway, any change made on the disk would totally destroy your drive! So, be carefull"
Strike Aces
"Don't deprotect this game, it is unfair and not polite".
Wembley International Soccer ECS
"the arcade section of this game is the intellectual property of graham blighe. if you are reading this you have disassembled or dumped it in part or whole. if it can be proved that you have profited by doing so you may be prosecuted for theft".
Xorron 2001
"Message to every cracking group-Don't crack this game !!! Remember: I have the adress of you ...It's no joke !"
Messages hautains ou d'insultes

Insulter les pirates a toujours été un bon défouloir pour les programmeurs. Ils aimaient bien aussi les narguer ou tenter de les ridiculiser.

"Nombreux sont les pirates qui se
casseront les dents sur le codage
disquette développé par
Jean-Michel GEORGES."

"bravo au genie !
il ne te reste plus que 850 ko de donnees a visiter pour sucrer la protection! nous te souhaitons bien du plaisir.. quand tu auras trouvé envoie nous par courrier expliquant comment tu as reussi. n'oublie pas de preciser ton nom ton adresse et ton age pour que nous puissions t'envoyer ta recompense..."
Blood Money
"Well hello there hackers. I'll warn you now that this game has a LOT of protection, so it will be a few late nights for you lot. It's a mugs game anyway, you should be writing games and making loads of money like me (you too could afford a 16V Astra GTE), but you are obviously lacking in a few brain cells & will put a weeks work into cracking this for what? SOD ALL, thats what. Well if you do manage to crack it send me a copy: DAVE JONES, DMA DESIGN, MINTLAW PARK, WEST FERRY, DUNDEE DD5 1RD. In return you will get sod all as usual. In the meantime I'll be thinking of you when I'm in Florida, spending some of my dosh."

We had hoped that anyone with half a brain would be doing something more constructive than stuffing around with TSA property. Buzz off, and may your expanded hardware catch Virus Diskus the next time you interface with an attractive piece of software."
"celui qui crack Cabal est un ANE...!"
Crazy Cones
"Hi Replay MK3 user!. Just before you finish cracking this game, or trying the password, I would like to say a couple of words. FUC* ***, no other than that!. Isnt it silly how some people insist on greeting friends, whodo not have or quite rightly do not want Amigas?. Mmmmhhhh. Ok a couple of hellos to some of these people for their im-moral support while developing this bucket case. What would I be without their support I ask? (probally a lot better!)... Baz - Ok so when are we gonna see your first game? , Im fed up asking you to send some of your new work so I wont ask it here!. Paul - Mucho gracias for the chatts, they led me into a couple of areas which I would never otherwise have thought about. As you can see I didnt implement them in this though as funds are low and I need the money!. I think you should start getting deeper into true programming though, make your talent earn money for you like me(!!???, ho bloody ho!). Paul2 - Thanks for the extra work you did, mabay if I can get my act together we can work on something REALLY smart, dunno. Looking forward to seeing the giloppie you buy! (it has got 4 wheels hasnt it?!). Bill - Real nice article btw, just finished reading it! Mabay you should try the same thing on the Amiga?, anyway get in touch soon. Dale, Scott, Stef - I guess you would be pissed if I forgot you lot!, glad things are picking up for you all. Ok shows over folks, this is Horatio Lobsterpot III, signing off... Oh, and if you want to get in touch drop a line to FAST, enclosing your name, address, and a copy of this game. Dont worry about being prosecuted. You have more chance of winning the pools!. USELESS BAS..... End of text!. Have a nice one."
Crazy Sue
"OUPS, I think there is a lame guy who uses a monitor......What do you want ????? Hey, I know ! Making a trainer version, eh ???? What about using the build in trainer ? And what about writing your mega mighty lamename in the title text ??? Oh, that will make your group famous, believe me ! Well, that was the message to the lamers, now let us come to the essential things: We, the programmers and grafix, spend nearly six weeks of our life in developing this blablablablablablablablabla. Spread not the word without the disk and have a good time on the next copy party."
Double Dragon 2
"Hello Paranoimia, been here before?
You thought Shinobi was hard?? Heeeehehehee"
"If your reading this you must be a cracker so why don't you go and <<< FUCK OFF >>> and get a life you sad Mother-Fucker. SIGNED: PARADROID/AXIS"
Euro Soccer
"Hello you big Girls Blouse...
Bugger off out of my Disk.
Why dont you go and write your own game?
Sean Connolly says 'keep yoor mits oot ma muzak o right!
Jason says .... happy Easter.
Dave says .... Pants to you.

Creative Edge - Euro Soccer.
This Version 25th November .
Why is CDTV is really great!
Copyright 1992 Creative Edge
A final word. bye.
F29 Retaliator
"QTX, where are you now?"
Final Fight

Richard Aplin, le programmeur de Final Fight, parodiait les messages que les pirates incluaient dans leurs introductions de déplombage, avec une petite pointe d'humour :
"Ok. Remember Line Of Fire? Here we go again, crackers! Fill in the blanks:

(Loads of pointless ANSI codes and whizzy animated bits)
_____ of _____ presents the latest in Hot Warez..

Final Fight ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 14925%! Cracked, Trained, Nobbed-Up and ½-parted by the amazing _______!!! Call our UK HQ on ____-______ for 1.4Tetrabytes of warez stored on Sinclair Microdrive, on-line 25hrs a minute, 75-19.2Gigabaud.

Hot Greets to Taz,Faz,Gaz,Baz,Haz,Kaz,Waz and Saz!! Limp Armwavings to HumungousBigPenisSubstitute of The UtterlyInanelyNamedCrew!! Look mum! I can use SEKA, TETRAPACK and DMS! (Next week I'm learning bowel control) (I've got a mate who can do fantastically dull psuedo house music on NoiseTracker, and another mate is really amazing at doing uninteresting bas-relief metallic logos on Dpaint - We're going to call ourselves WetDream Design, and do a game for Psygnosis and they'll pay us £7500000 and we'll get our photos ridiculed in Zero and then we're going to do Soopa Fannycon games and charge more than the national debt of Brazil and after that it's virtual reality and I actually SAW Andrew Braybrook at the PC Show and he actually SPOKE to me and we had this really good conversation and I told him all about how crap Rainbow Islands is and how he should have written it using Seka and used hardware sprites for the scrolling background and when I asked him why he left out the bit on the arcade machine when you first turn it on and some gliched graphics come up for a thirtieth of a second - which really contributes to the gameplay - he said 'Why don't you shut the f**k up and leave me alone, you irritating little t*at' and I knew he was just saying that cos he knew I was right and how much better than him I am and I bet he's never written a parallax sprite starfield sine scrolly bob demo with soundtracker music in his life and I bet he wouldn't even know how and he's rubbish anyway you know I actually saw one BNE in his code that could have been a BNE.S and I nearly wet myself I mean how can he call himself a programmer when he obviously isn't nearly as good as me etc,etc,etc,etc,etc).

Anyway I must go now as my mum says my rusks are getting soggy... CUL8RAIGWNGIS DUDES! Intro by HugeRedPorkSword of The TotulAnihilashunAndDeth2Evreywun Crew.

P.S. When I grow up I want to be a British Rail guard" ;(apologies to BR employees everywhere)"
Jurassik Park ECS
"level disk. Copyright the warp factory 1992 please dont hack this game! Ok then sad person, but may the curse of harlequin be on you! Play testing: Simon short"
"Oi out my code!"

"and now act two"

"well done nibbler, now try writing a full game.... PAUL!"
Kick Off 3
"Don't change this! It is coded in S-P-A-G-E-T-T-I (c) 1994 self protecting code. You will not be able to decypher ALL the hidden secrets of KICK OFF 3, many have tried, none have succeeded. Rrrrriight Tasty"
Killing Game Show
"Pirate Bastards!"
Mad Professor Mariarti
"hello hacker fucker this is matt furniss heres the deal. if you hack this game, i will find you where ever you are and break your legs and thats a promise".
Metal Law

Ici, le message est inclus dans la liste de scores :
1ST 300000 KILL ALL
2ND 250000 BLOODY
3RD 200000 MOTHER-
4TH 150000 FUCKING
5TH 100000 CRACKERS!!"
Parasol Stars
"Well, bugger me! I spent hours on that encryption routine and you go and crack it in no time at all. Well, I hope you enjoyed it as there are about a thousand more levels to go, all of the different and that was the easiest"
"Yo buddy! I don't know and I don't care how and why are you here,
I just want to give you a few advises in case if you're here to CRACK
this stuff.Well,in every 80 seconds a man is murdered,and in every 10
seconds another one of our PROTECTION-STAGES starts. In other words,
you can be sure that you will NEVER have a WORKING CRACK of PERIHELION.
(WANNA BET?) Of course you're proud and you'll try (I too would try)
but you will fail because you won't even realize where did ya fail,
what's the problem,what is PROTECTION and what is not.Phew,that's life!
Will you play it over a dozen times? IT WON'T WORK! Will you release
a fuckin' dying half-crack? WHAT A SHAME! Relax honey,you're gonna
suck up not because you're SOOO LAME,but because WE ARE SOOO GOOD!
Right? Well,that's all for today,now go back to your childish toys
and let's see how our computerized insecticide works on parasites like
you. By the way,did ya know that PIRACY IS THEFT? Oh,surely not,sorry...
Now at least you cannot say we didn't warn you... SIGNED: MORBID VISIONS"
Pinball Dreams
"Don't you fuck around with this code or the great pain will seek to your balls!!!
You've sure been working on it now, but don't forget what we said Signed Animal and Goofy"
Pinball Fantasies
"Any shithead cracking this game should not fuck up any of these messages!"
"a big round "Rot In Hell" to:
J0lly R0ger (of BAUG), Kent Team (& Bamiga Sector One), Star Frontiers, Tel, The cat, and all you other budding hackers out there.."
Seven Gates of Jambala CD32
"Fuck You"
Shadow Warriors
"READ THIS - A few Thoughts brought to you by the SHAD Team.1......Why Are Quartex , Paralamia , Scoopex , DefJam , So LAME ? Whats the point in us Spending 5 minutes putting in Protection to give you 5 hours of <LAME> cheap thrills Can't you see that if you carry on There Will BE NO MORE GAMES TO CRACK! IF you are so F***ing Clever Why don't you write Games instead ? We know why , cos you all use Action replay cartridges Like TOTAL F***ing LAMERS! You Have the IQ of A Concussed Gnat! and with another Brain cell you'd Qualify as Plancton......................Here's a quick word to the ST groups(?) , Onion (and all the other LAME cling-on Poofs with the Onion - Tex TCB(What a F***ing PATHETIC Name!) Delta Force Blade Runners,Replicants )We just thought you'd like to know that because of all the LAME Piracy That's going on..The ST Sales Are now Half That of the AMIGA so from now on all the large software producers will be doing Amiga only / Amiga work first..(Whooopee!!!! Mega !!!!! At Last !!!!! Brill !!!!! Giga !!!!!)with the result all You LAME ST owners will have to Put up with really wank AMIGA to ST ports !!!!! Serves you right for buying SHIT MACHINES!!!!!......................Ho-Ho-Ho We know something you dont! - we know one of YOU who's been Back Stabbing. How do you think BT caught so many people Phone-Phreaking in The UK ??Even you F***ing LAMERS can't Stick TOGETHER!!!! - Backs to The Wall Boys..! Yours Truly , Forever Pirate Bashing , -* GOD *-"
"Fuck me! I never thought you would do it!! Bet it took a long time though!

By the way, the only way to crack this game is if you have at least 4mb of fast ram... theres a hint! Are you enjoying this, by the way? Me (Richard Aplin) and Tim (the programmer) thought we might give you a little challange... I reckon I'll hold you off for about a week. Oh, by the way Quartex, you told me at the SAE party this would be EASY.. Well is it? I'm sure POPULOUS was easy too! (hehe).

Well, obviously you weren't fooled earlier!! I'm impressed! Not a bad bit of hacking.. but the best is yet to come!! Hehehehehe.. Just wait, cos now it gets REALLY good..

If you are reading this message on a pirated version of Shinobi, may all your days in prison be computerless!"
Skærmtrolden Hugo
"Er du gal, hvor jeg hader crackere - hilsen Hugo"

Traduction : Es-tu fou, je hais les pirates - Hugo.
Suspicious Cargo
"Mr. E Says HI! to all the sad crackers (that means you) who can't crack this 100%... Have fun with the chexsums lamers!!!.... I'll be looking out for a copy I can finish , so sad bastards, merry Xmas. Till then, WAR......Dave Exile says "The game may run, be does it play till the end???" - you dicks probably can't finish it to find out anyhow.THOSE WHO CAN, WRITE GAMES, THOSE WHO CAN'T JUST CRACK GAMES. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU SAD PEOPLE. MAYBE ONE DAY YOU WILL GET A LIFE. OH, BUT YOU WOULD NEED A PERSONALITY FOR THAT...AND YOU MIGHT HAVE TO COME OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM. TILL THEN, YOU'L HAVE TO GET YOUR KICKS FROM CRACKING GAMES AND READING WANK MAGS......Over and out, Dave The Exile."
"(c)domark 1989 by teque developments

big f--k offs go to quartex - paralamia accumulamers the band - mag.fields and any other girly cracking / swapping groups. ha ha ha

message to red sector your mega demo is - totally mega cool. we all love vector balls

did you know that slime who crack games have very small dicks and are homosexual message end... bye"
"Pirates are the filth of the fucking world. Three people have spent 7 months working on this product & scum bags rip it off in a couple of minutes. Yeah very funny, aint it"
Messages de prise de conscience

Si la méthode brute ne fonctionne pas, les programmeurs tentent l'inverse : essayer d'amadouer le pirate. Ils font comprendre aux déplombeurs la bêtise de leur acte, ou montrent que déplomber un jeu n'apporte rien. Les messages mentionnent également souvent le côté "cela va couler notre entreprise".

3D Pool
"Maltese Joe plays 3D-Pool. Designed & Programmed by Orlando (lucky geezer, eh?) ...I know this should be a scrolling message, but, well, times are hard. Please don't pirate this game - my last three games bombed out and I'm on the breadline, paying off debts. "Millionaire whizz coder prangs Porsche" - HA! ... no chance of that! I don't even own a pushbike, let alone a car. This is my first 16-bit game: if you rip it off, it'll be my last. For what it's worth though, I hope you really enjoy the game - I've been working on it for a year now, and I still love it. Before I disappear, some quick 'thank you's.... Thanks to Colin Fuidge, and Joe 'Big Q' Bonar for all their support and encouragement during gestation (I s'pose)... Also, ta Gary Liddon for his 'specialist' knowledge (without him the world would be an emptier place). Generally, thanks to all at TelecomSoft (as was) - it's the end of an era, folks. Thanks to MicroProse - let's take it from here. Biggest thanks goes to a certain small furry animal. (((I'll see you later))) Many thanks to all the people who shelled out money for this - you're the people this is really for. Stop reading this! go back and play the game!! There is no cheat-mode!!"
"If you're reading this file, you've obviously been snooping around this disk. If you're considering pirating this game -- Please reconsider. I am a very poor college student and I have a hard enough time trying to get TTR to pay me as it is without people pirating this game. O.K. enough lecture since I doubt it will stop any pirates anyway.

Please don't futz with my program to try and "improve" it. I spent at least 1000 hours working on it. My programs are rather sacred to me so I will be extremely upset if I hear about futz'ed programs running around. Besides, no one needs to "train" or "crack" the program since I left enough backdoors in the program to make such efforts meaningless. That is unless you think you can do better than giving the player unlimited retries, turning on/off the time, skipping levels, showing "hidden" passwords for every level, blowing up tiles, jumping to any level, etc. I am not going to tell you these passwords, however, since I'm sure all the petty little hackers who think they're bigshots killing the Amiga software market will disassemble my program anyway. Of course turning *OFF* the *TIMER* is a big help for when you're really stuck (hint! hint! hint!)."
"This protection has been written by JMG & OG from MYRIAD Software Technical Team, from July, 15th to August, 1st. ALBEDO is the first product from MYRIAD and we hope the protection will hold out against the hackers attempts to shunt it...

It would take leave us to make up the deficit of our banking account

But if you are trying to unprotect that wonderful game to sell back your unlawful copies, may the hell's deamons bite and beat your toes every night for two thousand years! (and if they forget you, I'll do that myself). However, if you are not a naughty hacker, but a programmer, we can develop protections for your own softwares on AMIGA, ATARI ST IBM-PC or CBM 64.

Making a protection for a computer takes us about three weeks, so, for AMIGA, ST and IBM, it takes two months. For us, all this time is wasted time... And for you too, because if we could use that time to program the game instead of its protection, it would be finished more quickly, and the next game would be started (and finished) earlier. So if you are waiting for an advertised game that is not coming, you are perhaps a little responsible for this.

P.S. If you found some spelling mistakes in this text, that is because we are 'Francais avant tout'. Alors, pour tous les pirates de France et de Navarre, ( Nom Didju que ca fait du bien d'ecrire en francais de cheux nous) sachez que nous avons fait cette version sachant tres bien que les ventes en France seraient insignifiantes. En effet, en France, le marche de l'AMIGA, deja reduit a la base, a ete completement pourri par les gros pirates Gore venus du milieu deja moisi du Commodore 64. Sur 10 possesseurs d'AMIGA, il doit y en avoir 9 qui n'ont jamais achete d'original et qui possedent plus d'une cinquantaine de copies pirates. Et si vous vous apercevez qu'il n'y a sur AMIGA pratiquement que de mauvaises adaptations de softs ST (sauf ALBEDO), ne vous en prenez qu'a vous-meme (pourquoi voulez-vous que les auteurs se cassent le cul a faire des softs pour ne rien en retirer?)

So, to do like the most of the Amiga users teams, Greetings to EOA, Myriad,Mindscape, Broderbund, Accolade, Microprose, Activision, Access, SSI, SSG, Myriad, Origin, Datamost, Elite, Konami, Beyond, Ultimate, Fire(Rain)Bird, Myriad, Mirrorsoft, Sublogic, Spectrum Holobyte, Synapse (R.I.P.), and Myriad....

A big shit to Bamiga sector one, Kent team, D.O.C., AckerLight, Lightforce, Megaforce, Il scuro, Defjam, Light Circle, Antitrax, HQC, The Champs, The Movers, the Cure, bitstoppers, vision, red sector, skyline, blizzard, hotline, visitors, axxess, tristar, executer, destroyer, Knight Hawks and Triad."
Alien Breed
"STOP IT =NOW=, OK! You will gain *NOTHING* from breaking this protection, but I guess you're too fucking ignorant, narrow-minded or maybe even too stupid to understand that. Yeah, so you and your 'leaders' and 'spreaders' (that's what they like to call themselves, but they're nothing but LEECHES gaining some kind of fame from the work you do) will have something to spread around on BBS', ok... But what the hell do they, or you, REALLY get for all that, huh? Ok credits... So they can download some shit games or other software, but in a wider perspective? I'll tell you =NOTHING=. It's pointless. If you don't realize that now, I assure you that in a few years you will look back at this time and wonder why you did it. I know that from experience. Go and do something constructive, like studying, socializing, programming or whatever! Cracking is not constructive. To you it might seem like a challenge or something you do to get famous, well OK it is a challenge to crack, and you do get famous if you're good at it. Famous for a while, a short while. But nobody will care about that five years from now. You will benefit much more from getting a job, education or a girlfriend, I'm telling you because I KNOW. I was a cracker once, one of the best. In a time when you could actually send the originals by mail, work for a day or two, and then send the cracked version back, and still have a world-first release. Then the scene consisted by computer freaks who made it for the fun of it. The scene today is perverted and lead by ignorant computer-illiterate idiots, only in for the fame and money. They think they're famous and legendary, but nobody likes or admires them for sure. I HATE IT! Now I've realized the stupidity of my actions, and I wish I could undo them. You'll also do just that in a few years too if you have a conscience, and wish you had done something else. SO DON'T CRACK IT!"

"================ DIVINE PROTECTION BY =THE MIGHTY GOD= WRITE TO ME: boberg@lysator.liu.se FINALLY YOU HAVETHE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK TO A REAL COMPUTER ===== GOD! ===== CURRENTLY STUDYING APPLIED PHYSICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AT LINKOPING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY!! =====SWEDEN===== Don't even think about it. Cracking is both illegal and immoral and will get you NOWHERE in this world. We have spent a lot of time doing this game, and we will not hesitate to take legal actions against those who duplicate this game illegally. We have complete overview over the cracking scene, and know your name and whereabouts, no doubt. We have prepared a nice surprise for you. You may think it is challenging, exciting or even glorious to crack, but from our point of view it is nothing but theft and sabotage. You may have read or heard all this before, but this time it's different and REAL. We mean it. Think about it. If you continue doing what you're doing right now, the game programmers will have to leave the Amiga programming in favour for Nintendo, Sega etc. It is up to you and the rest of the Amiga users. If you still insist on being an ignorant egocentric lowlife and go ahead cracking this, go ahead, try me. It won't be easy. It will be hard, damn close to impossible, destructive, and it will be SO DAMN POINTLESS. Go and do something else instead, something positive and constructive, do that homework of yours, read a book, learn something, call some friend, date a girl, or whatever. Or if you can't get away from the computer, do something yourself, something useful or fun. This protection is the toughest ever. Unbreachable. That's what all I have to say, now it's up to you to decide whether you should crack this or not. We hope you won't. It'll be so much easier and less painful for all of us, especially for you. Signed, the creator of this and plenty to come protections, Stefan Boberg"
Beast Busters
"Why not try doing something constructive with your Amiga, like writing a game for example ??? It may be a lot more complex than protection removal and perhaps a little above your understanding but with a little patience, a lot of practice and months of hard work you may create something of which you can be proud and that people will admire you for. No swearing, No insults, Just grow up! RB 18/07/91..."
"Crackers and Ascii modifiers: don't stuff around with this game and definately don't spread it around Australia. The Australian software market is too small already and spreading this game will probably stop us writing more software later. Overseas I don't care but not Australia... OK?"
Dragon's Lair
"A message to crackers: Nobody wants copy protection. All it is designed to do is give a program a fighting chance. Now we realize that there is a great competition to see which group breaks this game first, however, if you do break it, please consider this: If you let this game out early after release, and there are few sales, it will be very difficult to justify followup games of this type. Nobody benefits; not the developers, not the users, and not the Amiga community. Please reconsider holding on for a while and not letting the game suffer. The decision is yours."
Dragon's Lair : Escape From Singe's Castle
"Once again, a small note to pirates and crackers: I thank you very much for delaying the release of DL1, but must once again ask you to please wait with Escape. We have tried to provide the Amiga community with the best possible game for your money (unlike many other companies), and hope that once again there will be enough sales into the future to support yet another game we are planning for the Amiga: TERMINATOR! Please consider delaying your release of Escape. As more and more quality companies leave the Amiga for the more profitable IBM, C64 and Nintendo markets, it is up to you, the users, to show which computer is truly Visionary. Randy "Irwin" Linden"
"NOVELLA PROTECTION VIOLATION The SLEEPER has been installed! When it wakes, expect major damage to CMOS circuitry.

Development of good software takes time and costs money. Stealing software can only damage the future availability of first class products and artificially increases the cost to genuine purchasers. To discourage theft we have installed 'The SLEEPER'. Expect CMOS failure at sometime in the future if 'cracked copies' are used. You have been warned!"
"Piracy is killing the software industry"
"Amiga Exile. 31 September 1991. Copyright © Peter JM Irvin, Jeremy C Smith, William F Reeve 1991. Copyright © Audiogenic 1991. All rights reserved. A lot of work went into this project. Please don't rob us of our livelihoods"
Fighter Bomber
"Hello Hacker, Before you start ripping into this game please remember that you are destroying the Amiga and the jobs that are associated with it. We've spent over a year on this product and obviously want to make loads of money so if you do crack it (very easily, its THAT easy protection) then don't release it, Thank You"
"Project 66 (C) 1990 Codemasters software Ltd. Programmed & Organized by Derek Leigh-Gilchrist. Protection track (C) 1990 Rob Northern Computing LTD. If any hackers are reading this then keep reading... This protection has been developed by me (DEL/ANARCHY) I know that it is very easy to crack BUT WAIT! I don't want it cracked! I will lose money! So don't fuck me about by cracking it.... If I do see any cracks of CODEMASTERS games the pirate world is going to have a big suprise... You have been warned!"
Lost Patrol
"LOST PATROL LOADER (AMIGA) By Captain Sime >> 16.05.90 << Abandon Hope Ye Who Hack Thee. Think about the future!"
Naughty Ones
"Sorry guys. No time for a proper protection. Have mercy!.. Melon Dezign did a lot for the scene, so please give us a break. No challenge in breaking this one anyways... PS: We were NEVER paid to make an intro for anyone, but maybe you will reward us by not cracking/spreading this one... OK?? PPS: Just spend my last money buying a mobilephone, so I really need every dime this game can make... Merry Xmas everyone, seeing you around..."
Phoenix Fighter
"Howdy guyz! Sure there's a hidden text in Phoenix Fighters. Question is - what should be in it? Hmmm... well, I can tell you why you should buy this game in case you're using a pirate copy. (Don't everybody do that in their hidden text? =) The development on this game started for over five years ago. To give you a glimpse of the amount of work, just consider the levels. There are about 200 levels, generally taking around six hours each including playtesting. This sums up to 1200 hours, or 150 days 8 hours a week - just for the levels! I estimate the work on the levels to be around 15% of the total time spent... Luckily I havn't been all alone on this project, but it still makes me wonder how I've had time to make it through the last year of collage and soon also get a university exam... Oh, well... .·`·.·~·.·~ This game is dedicated to my father - I miss you so. /Robert ~·.·`·.·~·. Visa svenska ord - ta väl hand om dig och din familj!"
"Hello, pirates. Please don't copy this game. It's my first Amiga game and I'd like to earn some money with it. Yeh, right ..."
Super Skweek
Wayne Gretzky Hockey
"Greetings from MAGICIAN 42.... Please don't spread this software. Sure, you think it would be cool to be a great spreader, but listen, when you do programs you expect to make money off them, don't you?? Greetings to ECA (BUD!!!), LIGHT CIRCLE, SODAN (Hej Dav!!!), UNIT-A (haben gewesen!), Heinz Lueem, WHO . I've been out of circulation since I moved to USA, so I don't know who's still greeting me, but to those who do : GREETINGS!!! START WRITING GREAT SOFTWARE, INSTEAD OF SPREADING OTHERS' !!!!! Julian 'MAGICIAN 42' LeFay, Washington DC, USA"
Messages d'admiration

Certaines sociétés mettaient dans leurs messages des mots plutôt sympathiques. Parfois admiratifs, il s'agissait surtout d'un moyen de recruter de bons programmeurs. Certains déplombeurs sont passés programmeurs de jeux.

"Read this important message! Code MERLIN! Please contact Discovery Software immediately ! We need programmers like YOU, it would be silly not to phone us."
Messages insolites ou amusants

Voici maintenant des messages divers, toujours destinés à ceux qui ont réussi à les trouver, qui parlent de choses et d'autres.

Castle Kingdoms
Dragon's Lair
"Welcome Cracker!"
Eco Phantom
"Eco Phantoms Main Core.2.0d.Designed by Splinter Vision LTD.Written by Toby Simpson and Jeremy Sherlock, it must be said that Richard Costas was the original programmer along with Toby, on this project, but because Ricky walked out, and I took over from him, rewriting a lot of his shit and badly written, unproffesional and ridiculously long winded code, and the fact that this was only half finished, I have decided not to include this fat git in the credits for this game, signed Jez.I will credit Richard Costas with the blame for a lot of hassle, stress, late nights and my hatred for the twat!"
"Well, well, well. What can I write in this sector ? I could tell you nosy sods to bugger off. BYE BYE. See you on the next game"
Jim Power
"Yooooooh cracker, I think this is the lamest protection you have ever seen in your life !!! Sorry but I only have 5 min to put it !!! For my next game I will put a super one !!! Greetings to Vision Factory !!!"
Lotus Turbo Challenge II
"Lotus II....
Another project over (nearly), another Christmas approaching.
Spare a few moments, O inquisitive one, for the thoughts of a programmer.
Long gone are the days of scrolling credits so this will have to do.

Thanks first....
To Mum and Dad for helping out, tidying up and generally being great !
To everyone at The Fish for testing the game, Craig, Ric and Nijel mainly.
To the guy at Gobowen Red Star office.

Hello to....
Cath !!!!
Craig, Nijel, Clare, Tom, Iwan, Becca, Jane, Ric, Beverley, Jane,
Emma, Rich, Darren, Julie, Timmy, Suzie (9 mm), Andy, Davros, Buzz, Penny,
Dave, Rachell, Tim, Maggie, Mel, Sue, Christine, Mandy, Janet, Steve TV,
Ali in Australia, Damien, Hon, Rachel, Nige and Ged, Craigs Mum, All the
neighbours, Melissa, Tim, Will, Steve, Heather, Mark, Steve, Kim, Rachel,
Helen, Tristan, Rufus, Stuart, Emily, Hugh, Shelley, Gwenda, Jo, Carl,
Jez, Adam, Gary, Brig, Steve, Helen, Fiona, Spike, Claire, Rachel, John,
Stewart, Nick, Musky, Stav, Steve, Pete, Gareth, Steve C, Eric, Dafydd,
Cornflake, Jenny, Scott, Julian, Dmitri, Sue, Tracey, Marina, Tom, Dick
and Harry, Sammut the long lost drummer, wherever he is, the Irish guy
we met in the bar in Crete, Pat and Ian, Vicky, Wild Gill, Glyn, Mad
Fred, Mildly annoyed Kevin, Psychotic Sid, (stop that - Ed),
Kath, Ben, Ben, Chris, Jane, Matthew, Gareth, Ron and Cherry,
Tetris the cat (so named because of the odd shaped places he gets into).
Barry Leitch who did the music, Everyone I know at Gremlin, Graham, Barry,
Dave, Margaret and Max, and of course everyone at Magnetic Fields.
All the staff at the Boars Head, and anyone else I forgot....

Not in the game, but listened to while programming to keep me sane(ish).
Big Country (shock horror), The Alarm, The Skids, New Model Army,
Shute the Tailor, Voice of the Beehive, Damned, Guns and Roses,
The Clash, Waterboys... The usual, the old stuff is the best.
Oh yeah, and EMF.

Food and Drinks....
Rather like music, this section.
Coffee, Newcastle Brown, John Smiths, Guinness, Murphys, Merry Monk,
Diamond White, Lucozade Sport, Diet Orange and Vodka....
Raj Mahal Tandoori restaurant and Golden City Chinese takeaway
Pot Noodles and Pasta with Turbo sauce....

Development system....
For anyone who's interested, an Amiga 2000 with 5Mb of ram and a 25Mhz
accelerator with 40Mb Hard disk. None of this posey PC stuff for me.
Software used - Devpac 2, Dpaint 3, Audiomaster II.
Action Replay - they are useful for programmers, really....
Also a Trilogic stereo sampler and a cheap foreign tape recorder.

Hope you like the 'free' bonus game. Now you don't think I'm going to tell
you the password, do you ? That, I'm sure you know is easy enough to find.
See if you can beat 498800 on level 9. Also just for the record, my highest
score on Rox - the free game on Lotus I was 92 seconds without autofire,
but with a cup of coffee with six spoonfulls in it.

Hints and tips....

Use Fire button to accelerate, its much easier.

Use manual gears, if you are good at it, you can easily beat the automatic
gears for acceleration, especially when changing down after hitting

Get used to overtaking cars on both sides, and using the fire button on
and off to keep your speed up while not crashing into signs etc.

Learn the courses, well at least the important bits that are likely
to cause you to crash and slow down.

Forest course - learn where the logs and rocks are, otherwise a doddle.

Night course - dont hit ANYTHING; on the fast swervy section, turn very
early, watch out for the Gremlin sign.

Fog course - Watch out for missing and 'wrong' signs.

Snow course - Use the very light steering to your advantage, Try to stay
on the road and out of the snowbanks.

Desert course - Stay in the middle of the road. It can be useful to use
obstacles to get you back on course. Avoid tumbleweed.

City course - Stay on your own side, believe me. Only try to go under
lorries if they are in your way. Be even more careful not to hit anything.

Marsh course - Remember which logs to hit to avoid the water - learn where
the extra times are, and on the last section stay in 3rd gear at about 60
mph and clip the water to slow down.

Storm course - Hit all the turbos and dodge the water. Aim for the thinnest
parts of the rivers. Find the best line on the last few hundred yards.

Don't panic.

When playing in link mode, press the pause key at awkward moments to
confuse your opponent.

If you're losing badly press escape and say, 'Oops my finger slipped'....

Dont play in four player mode cause its SLOOOW....

Places to go on holiday....
Crete. Well I did, for two weeks anyway. Nothing to do but lie on the beach
and go out at night. Or you could try Prestatyn, nr (sunny) Rhyl.

Lotus III ????
I don't know, It's not up to me. But if we did, it would be quite fun to
release a compilation at a later date of all of the trilogy, called
Lotus 1-2-3....

The End....
Or is it ?"
Prime Mover
"Another visitor?! Codesnatcher turn off your monitor"

"What the hell!!!! this is not for your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Saint & Greavsie
"This game is dedicated with love 2 Jayne, the lady I marry 2morrow - Simon Phipps 02/06/1989.U must be hacking 2 find this - All the best 2 U 4 the future. P.S. This game was started 15/02/89 - this is the last (?) time I change it - 30/08/89 ( and married life is great! )"
Stone Age
"Ok, that was quite easy, but you really got it !!! Here is Stoneage, ready to run. There's no protection anymore in it, due to problems of V1.05 (it's copy protection was TOO hard :-) ).
If you should manage to make a cracked version, please remember that this game runs on Amiga 500, A1000, A2000, A3000, color/monochrome Atari ST, STe, MegaSTE and TT (don't know if it will run properly on Falcon 030 and 040 !?!).
So if you make a crack, please be sure this crack also runs on all those machines (or, at least, on all machines of the depending platform).
This concerns intros in general and on ST monochrome in special.
And, at last, I'd like to have a version of your crack ! Ok ?
As a (long ago) cracker on ST (remember Ford Perfect of the BMT ???), I'd really be pleased if you send me a disk with your 'version':
Michael Rausch Eisenachstrasse 47 D-5000 Koeln 60 FRG
You can also reach me via Fido on 2:245/105
Sword Of Sodan
"hi, strange place to meet?? i guess it's ok for you to peek around in my boot block, but if you are out to crack this program, may the worst curse be on you forever!"
"Teenagent - the story Naah, just some bullshit from me.
Heya! You're just checking the contents of protection track for TEENAGENT polish version...I dunno yet if it will be the same for both ECS and AGA version, time will show The protection is nothing really special but I hope it will eat a few hours (days?) of your precious time and that you'll be pissed as hell of cracking it hahaha I know the fun of cracking all too well... And I was frustrated many times coz of not being able to remove some protection (but finally I haven't found any that was too hard for me. It's not boasting, just the software companies found out already that there's no protection that is uncrackable, so they aren't using any real hard ones...there was 1 game that took me 1 week to do, american one, but it contained own operating system inside, with multitasking etc. was a real pain. So I'm trying to make it hard even if it's pointless. Well what can I say, I will probably earn half nothing from this game but, hell, without trying what can I expect? I hope I'm not boring you too much, I just have to fill up the track enough so it will be way longer than poor amiga can write normally... Some fast greetz to some friends from my last days in the scene: Samir, Skol, Groo & the rest of Prestige - the best group I was ever in, Phil Douglas, Beef, Professor & the rest of Thrill Kill Kult - my 1st group and 2nd best I was ever in. Also to members of all the amiga groups except the well known idiots, ie. some members of Hoodlum, Prodigy etc. etc. Have fun with this little protection, and this little game altho I doubt Amiga will live much longer unless AT will do some serious changes... Signed: Mok, the ex-cracker and author of this protection.
PS. Sorry that adventure game such as this one have on-disk protection instead of good ol' password check but it was requested by the company It would be great fun to make interpreter based doc check, it was always a challenge to crack such games...but nope, simple track check is what they requested. C ya - Mok"
The Champ
"Hello Cracker, if you crack this program without remove the intro, please send me a copy of it. -Christian Haller / Bahnhofstrasse 116 / CH-5726 Unterkulm / Switzerland -"
Universal Warrior
"Hey dude, what ya looking through my code for ? If you are wanting to get infinite lives you are in completely the wrong place !! Bet you wish you had the source, eh ?"
Amiga music player and jingles (c) Sean Conran 1991 * tel 0442 863939 * Here's a question for you. Are you reading this with the aid of an Action Replay cartridge? If the answer is YES then phone Gremlin and tell them that they need some bloody good cartridge protection routines. If the answer is NO then congratulations on a successful hack."
"Galdregons Domain loader by David Neale (G1OSS), 16/12/88 at 11:30 Many Thanks to Michael Humphrey (Fame at last!!) , Chris (Leave Phil Alone!), Mum , Dad , Foo & Andrew at PDS (THE ULTIMATE Development system.);Hi! to Shahid (Put that rusty barge pole down!!) ;Hi! to the pulsed power group A.W.E ;God help 'us all , we need it! ;Is there any tea on this spaceship ?????? ;I want a 20Mhz 386 tower NOW!!!;??????????????????????????????????????????????"
Messages audio

Lotus 2
Outre les textes, quelques développeurs ont inclus leurs messages dans de l'audio. C'est le cas de Lotus 2 où l'un des échantillons sonores de la musique d'intro semble dire "You will not copy this game" (vous ne copierez pas ce jeu).
Messages de déplombeurs pour les développeurs

On finit par l'inverse, c'est-à-dire des messages de déplombeurs à l'intention de développeurs. L'exemple ici est un message dans le bloc d'amorçage de Time Scanner dont la protection provient de Rob Northen, cela commence par la phrase classique :
"Protection (C)Copyright 1989 Rob Northen Computing. All Rights Reserved."
Mais cela se poursuit par :
"Well, you will never learn Mr. Northen !! This protection is a piece of shit !!!
Cracked by the BEST ... QUARTEX !"
Final Fight

Le groupe Quartex a réussi à déplomber Final Fight et s'empresse de rédiger une petite note à Richard Aplin, le programmeur du jeu :
"A note to Richard Aplin: Yeah, you're right, you must not be into making good protections anymore because this took me all of 3 minutes to crack. I would not even bother writing you this message had it not been for your prior love note. Maybe a game of chess would have been more amusing, but then again, your attitude makes it seem like you are the guy who always lost at chess, therefore think it a stupid game. Whatever, I have a lot of respect for game programmers, and would like to keep it that way. btw: as far as your ego, Double Dragon and Shinobi amiga were nothing to have an ego about, BUT! this is a superb conversion."
Miami Chase
"Miami Chase was cracked by AGILE 1991-04-12 !!!

Hey Del, Non-Fighting Generation/Tynnebjorke, Firefox/PHA etc!... We are sorry for cracking this fine game but if we hadn't.done it someone else would! I hope you get the point!..........See ya all at the SILENTS party in Copenhagen this summer !!!"

Les messages des sociétés et des développeurs semblent avoir été entendus par les déplombeurs puisque ces derniers ne piratent plus sur Amiga... faute de programmes à pirater.

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